Perfect. What is perfect? (Nothing)

I have this image of perfection created in my mind about everything I do. Everything I do should go my way, perfect, or else, I give up so easily.

I know it’s pathetic. Not knowing the feeling to try hard. Not knowing the things successful people go through, which can only be achieved through relentless work and consistency.

I strive everyday to know that feeling. Or maybe I don’t, only think I do, because my laziness is greater than the desire to be perfect and it is all an illusion anyway. 

Nothing is perfect.

Perfect is the story is novels and virtual worlds.

Perfect is one thing which doesn’t exist, unless you try so hard, you feel you may die.

I am myself

I am myself. Unapologetically myself. I don’t and shouldn’t need anyone else for approval. I am enough. I believe that I can do it. I believe that I can be successful. And that’s all that matters

Yes, I have a few (many) flaws, but nobody’s flawless. 

Yes, I have a few weaknesses, but that’s me and I accept myself.

People may be and seem cooler and smarter than me, but I will always prioritize myself; will always put myself before others; will always love myself.